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Praise for the 8th edition of One Minute Asthma

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Read what the nation's asthma experts say about our new edition:

“This new edition keeps abreast of all the new developments in asthma treatment strategies. It is the most succinct and timely advice available to asthmatics of all ages and severity.”
Tom Petty, MD, Pulmonologist
Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado

“One Minute Asthma presents asthma facts more clearly than any other asthma book.”
Paul Enright, MD, Pulmonologist
WebMD Asthma Message Board

“This little book contains all the facts that patients need. It is sound, current and complete.”
Tom Kallstrom, RRT, AE-C
Chief Operating Officer, AARC

Member, Coordinating Committee, National Asthma Education and Prevention Program

“A great resource to get family members quickly up to speed.”
Michael Welch, MD, Allergist
Editor, American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child’s Allergies and Asthma

“This handy guide should be available on the counter of every pharmacy so that patients can see it and purchase it when refilling their asthma medications.”
Leslie Hendeles, Pharm.D.
Professor of Pharmacy and Pediatrics, University of Florida

“One Minute Asthma helps me explain that the effects of triggers are long-lasting and add up.”
Gary Brecher, MD, Pediatrician
Germantown, PA

“Easy to read, asthma within everybody’s reach.”
Fernando Martinez, MD, Pulmonologist
Author, Wheezing Disorders in the Preschool Child
Member, NHLBI Expert Panel on Asthma

“One Minute Asthma helps our staff and patients use the same language as we teach and learn about asthma.”
Lynne Kite, RN, Asthma Nurse Case Manager
Carolinas Health Care Organization

“My patients appreciate the opportunity to learn about the actions they can take to improve the lives of their children.”
JoAnn Blessing-Moore, MD, Pediatric Allergist
Palo Alto, CA

“Concisely covers the major points made by the NHLBI Expert Panel on Asthma.”
Diane Schuller, MD, Allergist
Past president, ACAAI

“I use One Minute Asthma to convince parents that inhaled steroids can safely prevent most of their child’s attacks.”
G. Bradley Gascoigne, III, MD, Pediatrician
Author, Invest in Your Health While You Have It

“One Minute Asthma goes immediately to the critical information patients need to understand and manage their asthma, without being pretentious or preachy.”
Chris Wagner, RN, MSN, CPCP, AE-C
Past president, Association of Asthma Educators



One Minute Asthma: What You Need to Know, 8th edition.
80 pages, 2008. Thomas F. Plaut, M.D.

ISBN 978-0-914625-30-8
$6.00 single copy, $0.99 in lots of 100.

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